Complete World Soccer History

Football is no longer a foreign game for the people of Indonesia.

From children to adults, you can play with this ball.

But do you know the origin of football, for that let’s look at the explanation below.

Understanding Football


Football consists of two words, namely “Football” and “Ball”.

“Football” can be called kicking which is kicking (using legs), while “Ball” is a tool for games that have a round shape made of rubber, leather or other materials.

So in a nutshell the notion of soccer is a game that is done by kicking the ball here and there which is done by the player with the goal and aims to put the ball into the goal.

Soccer game is a game in the form of teams, each team contains 11 people with 1 person as a goalkeeper and has several reserve players.

This soccer game has the goal of putting the ball as much as possible into the opponent’s goal and trying to keep the goal itself so as not to score.

This soccer game is carried out in 2 rounds, each with 45 minutes with a break time between the 2 rounds of 10 minutes.

World Football History


The history of soccer as a sport has been popular since the 2nd century AD until the 3rd century AD in China.

During the Han Dynasty, the community dribbled leather balls by inserting in small nets called Tsu Chu.

The soccer game is also played in Japan with another name Kemari. In the 16th century football was also popular in Italy.

Then the game of soccer is found in many countries such as England, Mexico, Rome, Central America to Ancient Rome.

But when football arrived in England, in 1365 King Edward III forbade playing football, because in soccer there was a lot of violence and brutal acts.

But in 1360 King Edward III allowed the re-entry into force of the game of football.

But the game of football has no change, it remains full of violence and brutal actions.

Until in 1572, Queen Elizabeth I banned the game of football without any compromise and was accompanied by strict sanctions on people who were still playing soccer, namely by imprisoning the person.

But finally in 1680 the ban on not playing football was revoked by King Charless II.

Modern football history by year:

  • In 1863 an English football association was formed
  • In 1885 there was a soccer match outside the United Kingdom, namely Canada against America
  • In 1886 the meeting was held for the first time to discuss the formation of groups namely the world soccer association
  • In 1888 there was a referee who became the most important holder of soccer
  • In 1904, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) do France was formed which consisted of Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France.

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)


Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded in 1904 in France.

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has a slogan “FOR THE GAME, FOR THE WORLD”.

FIFA is an international governing body for football, FIFA also promotes football, manages the transfer of players between teams, gives titles to the best soccer players in the world, and publishes a FIFA world ranking list every month.

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