Frank Whittle, an Air Officer for British Royal Air Force 

Sir Frank Whittle was an air officer for British Royal Air Force. He is well known to be the inventor of turbojet engine. The invention will be discussed later.

He had a lot of journey to tell. His invention was only one of things that made him famous. Several stories will be revealed here, so keep reading. Let’s get started.

Frank Whittle’s Early Life

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Whittle was born on June 1907 in Earlsdon, Coventry, England and died on August 1996 in United States. He was the oldest son of his family.

His father was an inventive practical engineer. One day, he purchased a company namely the Leamington Velve and Piston Ring. It comprised a single-cylinder gas engine, a few lathes and other tools. Whittle became expert on it therefore.

In his young age, he was known to be adventurous and rebel. At the same time, he also developed his passion in aviation.

Whittle and RAF

Frank Whittle was interested to be a pilot. Therefore, he decided to join the RAF (the Royal Air Force). He was very passionate about it. He passed the entrance exam with satisfying mark even though he failed the medical.

Whittle seemed to be full of passion when he did not give up on trying. He was finally accepted. There he got a lot of experience even though he could not get all the aircraft apprentices.

In short, he graduated from Royal Air Force College as a pilot officer on July 1928. He was 21 years old at that time.

Turbojet Engine Development

His pilot officer journey was a long one to tell. Shortly, he became well-known for being an insane flyer because of his crazy flying routine. One day, Frank Whittle told the base about his engine concept.

A flying office, Pat Johnson, was interested in it and gave it to the commanding officer. The commanding officer encouraged Whittle and he tried to send the concept to the ministry. Griffith appeared to be the one who said that the concept was impracticable.

He did not stop to bring the concept with him during the process of his career as an officer. In the middle of his struggle to make the dream came true, he got invested to develop the concept. The progress was slow, but his turbojet engine was produced.

After the War

Whittle was involved in World War II. After that, he was awarded and involved in various activities. For instance, he received Order of the Bath and 100.000 euro from what he invented.

He was also pleased to be able giving a lecture tour back then. He continued to working on several positions and joined a project as well. It seemed like he had a lot of energy as long as it was for air force field.

Frank Whittle’s Later Life

He got divorced with his wife and then, he married to an American. It made him immigrating to the United States. There he still gave his time to what he loved.

Frank Whittle died in America and was cremated there. His ashes were later flown to England to be placed in Cranwell.

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