Macrobiotic Diet

4 Crucial Points on Macrobiotic Diet (Things to Learn)

There are many diets with their ways for what need to eat and avoid. One of them is macrobiotic diet. It is not new diet program because it has been around since 1960s. It started in Japan then expands to other countries.

This diet focuses to balance food consumption based on Zen philosophy. You should eat more grain and locally vegetables. Furthermore, meat and dairy products are prohibited, but soybean and bean-based products are allowed.

Definition of Macrobiotic Diet

Well, Zen Buddhism has balance life philosophy, called yin and yang. Foods can be categorized into both groups. Yin is hot, solid, heavy, and bold. Meanwhile, yang is soft, cold, subtle, and delicate.

The purpose of this diet is balancing life to obtain healthier body, excellent outlook, and longer life. Everyone is eligible to involve. Other things about this diet are listed at below sections:

  • Eat regularly.
  • Chew foods often.
  • Listen to what body needs.
  • Eat less and do more activity.
  • Positive mental level.

Foods For Macrobiotic Diet

Foods For Macrobiotic Diet
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Grains are the most common sources for foods in macrobiotic diet. You can eat brown rice, corn, and oat. Other options are beans, beans products, and sea vegetables. The examples of bean products are miso, tofu, and tempeh. For sea vegetables, you can eat nori, seaweed, and agar.

Meat, chicken, and dairy products are not allowed in this diet. As replacement, you can have fish to get more proteins. This diet was originally from Japan which mean almost all foods are related to Japan culture.

Benefits of Macrobiotic Diet

What are benefits for having this diet? People want to follow this because it gives some benefits.

  • Lowering cholesterol level.
  • Controlling blood pressure and sugar level.
  • Preventing cancer, even useful as treatment.
  • Lowering heart disease risk.
  • Maintaining body weight, losing fats.

From list above, there are no issues to have this diet on your life. Balancing consumption is the best way to keep body as healthy as possible. Moreover, you can maintain body weight and shape in excellent level.

Preventing and treating cancer might be a little bit controversy. Until today, there is no eligible evidence that supports this claim. Researchers try to find whether this diet is good for cancer patients or not. In spite of this issue, the diet has top review from people with cancer disease.

Disadvantages Of Macrobiotic Diet

Disadvantages Of Macrobiotic Diet
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In fact, any diet has drawbacks that need to address before implementation. That is what you see from diet based on macrobiotic principle.

For vegan, it is good option because most of foods come from plant. However, you still need nutrients from meat that fish cannot provide. Lack of meat gives imbalance body metabolism and level. This is common issue when discussing about diet without meat, including dairy products,

Unfortunately, children and pregnant women are not eligible to pursue macrobiotic diet. Children need more nutrients that they can get as much as possible. That is similar to pregnant women who cannot get proper nutrients from vegetables and grains only.

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