Unique! 12 Kinds of Musical Instruments in South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi Province is an area inhabited by various ethnic groups, such as the Bugis, Mandar, Toraja, and Makassar ethnic groups. Well, this diversity results in local cultural customs becoming more varied.

One of the cultural variations is in the field of music, especially for variations of South Sulawesi musical instruments. You can learn the variety of these South Sulawesi musical instruments below, from the types of striking, wind, string, and others.

Variety of South Sulawesi Musical Instruments

1. Alosu or Lalosu

Alosu is a musical instrument from South Sulawesi which is made of wood in the shape of a tube. In this wooden tube, filled with small stones, first of which the two ends are covered with red and white cloth.

Generally, this equipment is widely used to accompany the Alusu Dance event. To play it, this instrument just needs to be shaken, either to the right / left or forwards / backwards to make a sound.

2. Puik-Puik or Pui-Pui

Puik is a traditional musical instrument similar to a trumpet. As a wind instrument, Puik is also equipped with carvings on the body.

For the base of this instrument, made of metal plates. The pipe, on the other hand, comes from a sliced palm leaf, which produces sound.

3. Gendang Bulo

The Bulo Gendang is different from the Gendang musical instrument in Java, because the Bulo Gendang II has a smaller size and length. Meanwhile, the two sides have different sizes, where one is bigger than the other.

The way to play this instrument is to hit it on the big side, with a wooden bat. Meanwhile, for the small side, just hit it with the palm of the hand.

4. Gesok-Gesok

Gesok-Gesok is a kind of Rebab musical instrument, which is equipped with two strings. To make it, it takes material from wood and animal skin, then it is shaped to resemble a heart or taro leaf, complete with a swipe stick.

Generally, this instrument is mostly used to accompany Sinirik poetry, which contains advice or ancient history. Initially, Gesok-gesok was only played by the royal family, but now it has developed and can be played by ordinary people.

5. Jalappa or Kancing-Kancing

This musical instrument is similar to cymbals, which are made of brass and played by bumping each other. This instrument, too, is shaped like a button, so it is sometimes referred to as buttons as well. Generally, Jalappa is often played in traditional rituals such as wedding ceremonies, refusing reinforcements, or circumcision events.

6. Kacaping

Kacaping is a type of musical instrument that is played singly or in groups in an ensemble formation. This instrument can also be played together with other musical instruments, such as Gong, Suling, Gumpangng, Katto-katto, Mandalilong, and so on. Generally, Kacaping is also used as musical accompaniment in dances that are played by men or women.

Well, as is known, there are many kinds of dances from South Sulawesi. The types of dances from various regions of the archipelago have also been discussed in full at Selasar.com. You can read the following Tari Tradisional (traditional dance) reviews.

7. Pa’pompang

Pa’pompang is a musical instrument made from Toraja bamboo. To use this tool, it is enough to be blown, causing a sound that can reach 2.5 octaves high. Usually, this instrument is widely played at Church services, weddings, and holidays.

8. Talindo or Popondi

The Taindo musical instrument is made using wood, strings, and coconut shell as a resonator. Talindo is a kind of guitar instrument, but only has one string. Generally, this instrument is played individually, when farmers celebrate the harvest together.

9. Ana Bacing

Ana Bacing’s musical instrument is an instrument made of iron, with a shape similar to an arrow. The way to play it is by bumping between two Ana Bacings, causing a sound. Generally, this equipment is played to accompany the Bissu Dance at the ritual of marriage, death and coronation of the new king.

10. Terbang Rebana

Terbang Rebana (Flying Tambourine if it’s translated to english) is one type of musical instrument that has a membrane. To make this Rebana Flying musical instrument, wood is needed from the sandalwood tree, coconut tree, jackfruit tree, and teak wood. If for the Bugis community this tool is called Terbang Rebana, then for Makassar people it is called Terbang only.

11. Suling Lembang

As the name implies, this flute type musical instrument is played by blowing it with 8 tone holes. Usually, this equipment is made with a very long size, from 50 cm to 100 cm, and a diameter of 2 cm. Well, this Lembang Flute is not only played for Rambu Tuka ‘activities, such as harvest, thanksgiving and marriage, it is also performed at the Aluk Rampe Matampu and Rambu Solo’ event or funeral ceremonies.

12. Basi-Basi atau Klarinet

Basi-Basi is a type of wind instrument, which is made in pairs or copies. For the Bugi community, this musical instrument is known as lip service. As for the people of Makassar, they are more familiar with it as a clarinet musical instrument.


Enough discussion about the South Sulawesi musical instrument. We hope that after reading this article, your insight will increase and be of use to others. thanks.

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