Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

It is okay if you want something different on your bathroom. When others go contemporary, you can keep the rustic touch in every corner of the bathroom. The concept of rustic bathroom ideas is still relevant because it is more flexible as you can make it looks modern, a little bit elegant, or just keep it rustic and old.

Go for it if you think that the rustic bathroom would give you a great bathroom experience. It is true, taking a bath is not just a regular activity that we do twice a day. The bathroom can be a perfect place to relax after long hard day at work. Check out these modern rustic bathroom styles that blow your mind!

5 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

  1. Wooden Furniture

One of the easiest ways to actualize rustic decor is by using wooden furniture everywhere. So, bring it to your bathroom! You can add a touch of rustic in your modern bathroom and using rustic style vanity units as cek ruang. The full log cabin that looks exposed, rustic, and unfurnished would add rustic atmosphere on your powder room. This one not just adds the uniqueness, but also adds the art value in the bathroom.

  1. Chocolate Brown Color PaletteĀ 

In order to actualize the rustic bathroom ideas, think about the color of the room. A strong color like red, black, or even yellow would ruin the rustic ambience. Instead, use chocolate brown color that would create calm and peaceful shading in the bathroom. And not only that, the shade thickened the rustic sense as it would match the wooden furniture around.

  1. Add Natural Element

Well, when you think that the modern rustic bathroom ideas are limited by wood, there are more options to bring inside your bathroom. Think about some natural elements that can adorn the powder room such as granite, stones, or any other natural elements that would blend the rustic bathroom style. Choose Vessel or Bowl sinks that made out of natural stone that will add the charm of the room. Or you can use gravel right under the shower to embrace the nature. This style would make your bathroom unique and different from others.

  1. Barn-styled Sliding Door

One of the rustic bathroom ideas that easily applicable are the barn-styled sliding door. Yes, a rolling barn door would show that you can smell the rustic ambience right before you opened the bathroom door. It evokes the rural lifestyle that would also give you benefit as it would keep the bathroom spacious.

  1. Keep Everything Simple and Organized

Even though you embrace the rustic design for the bathroom, you still need to think about the way you organize the space as there’s not many room available. Do not use too many accessories that might ruin the rustic concept, just keep it simple so it is easier to organize your stuffs. The spirit of modern rustic bathroom ideas is not only about the beauty, but also the essential purpose of the bathroom to support your daily activity.

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