Rustic Kitchen Ideas

5 Outstanding Rustic Kitchen Ideas (You’d Like to Copy)

Rustic kitchen offers warmth and charm. Compared to the other kitchen concept, rustic kitchen ideas is able to define your characteristics in different way. When it comes to adopting rustic theme, there is a bunch of ideas you can copy. These kitchen decorating ideas serves you warm feeling when bringing rustic concept inside the cooking space. Here are some inspiring ideas to adopt.

Narrow Rustic Kitchen

Narrow Rustic Kitchen
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Narrow of small kitchen ideas are no longer an issue if you know what to do. This rustic kitchen design is surely what you need to transform the small kitchen into best retreat at home. It comes with a La Cornue design that adopts 19th century kitchen. The rustic concept is strongly delivered, thanks to the kerosene lamps and copper cookware. Look down and you will see the volcanic stone-paved floor.

Log Cabin Rustic Kitchen

Whether you would like to decorate a kitchen inside a cabin home, the log cabin rustic kitchen will be the best choice to go. The following rustic idea deals with walls and ceiling made of wood, evoking traditional style inside the rustic kitchen ideas.

  • 19th century oak rack
  • Rustic kitchen stools
  • Rustic/traditional countertops

Rustic Kitchen with Barn Door

Do you know that barn door has more function than you think? Now you can easily evoke rustic-country concept by installing barn door in the kitchen. It adds rustic touch better than any other doors. Combined with stone wall and ceiling beams, this is what you need to transform your boring kitchen into spectacular rustic kitchen. You can place large wooden kitchen island with the same tone as the countertop to limit the colors.

Wood-Dominated Kitchen

There is none other versatile material that is able to evoke different concept than wood. You can create modern, contemporary, traditional, even rustic accent with this material. When it comes to rustic kitchen, wood never makes you wrong. This kitchen idea is dominated by wood and you can find out how amazing it is.

The wooden cabinet combined with granite-top wooden countertop as well as kitchen table, this is how you can get rustic kitchen without too much effort. Not to mentioned the 19th century lamp hang over the kitchen table that evokes more rustic accent in the room. In case you wish to adopt this concept, make sure to have these:

  • Wicker kitchen table
  • Stonewall
  • Wooden floor, cabinet, countertop, and table
  • 19th century hanging lamp
  • Barn-like door

White Rustic Kitchen

White Rustic Kitchen
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What if you love rustic and white at the same time? Surely you need to combine them into your kitchen. This white-rustic kitchen idea looks refreshing with cabinet-to-ceiling that is functional for your small space. Combined with rustic kitchen table, it never makes you bored. On the other side, you can install floor-to-ceiling cabinet with the same rustic white shade.

Now you see that rustic kitchen ideas are more various than you think. No matter how small your kitchen is, rustic concept will always fit in. Get inspired and level up your kitchen with rustic idea.

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