The Pioneer of Photography, Louis Daguerre 

As known today, photography has developed a lot. We have seen a lot of sophisticated tools of photography. Thanks to Louis Daguerre who first invented daguerreotype. It is the most commonly used around the world for years.

Daguerreotype is a term that refers to photograph taken by a process that employs mercury vapor and silvered plate that is iodine-sensitized. As guessed, it is the one that is founded by Daguerre. He was known as father of photography.

Early Life of the French Artist

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Daguerre was born on November 1787, in France, specifically in Cormeilles-en-Parisis. He was born with name Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre. He was famous through his invention in photography field and he was also an artist.

He became a father of photography along with others who also gave contribution in the development of photography around the world. In addition, he was also a great painter and diorama theater developer.

To add, he had skills in theatre design, panoramic painting, and architecture. Another skill he had was theatrical illusion that led him to invent the diorama.

As An Inventor of Daguerreotype

As mentioned above, he did great as a painter and a developer of Diorama Theater. However, photography field was the one that made him more famous than before. He was with his partner, Nicephore Niepce, when trying to do the experiment. Sadly, he died.

Louis Daguerre continued the experiment and daguerreotype was invented. He looked for investors for the invention but no one was interested in investing. He decided to make it public in 1827.

Daguerreotype Development

It has been explained briefly how was the beginning of daguerreotype development. It was seen above that he decided to make it public to gain attention. What he did was a success. He was allowed to give presentation in front of some people.

Gladly, his presentation went well and the news about it spread to the people. For his great invention, he was given a lifetime pension by the French Government. Louis Daguerre’s name is included in one of 72 names that are inscribed on the Eiffel tower.

Competition between Daguerre and Talbot

As mentioned before, the news about Daguerre’s invention had spread and Henry Fox Talbot also heard about it. After hearing about it, Talbot tried to reach the government regarding the invention since he thought that it was similar to what he invented.

The fact was that Daguerre partner had invented Talbot’s invention long before the publicity of Daguerre’s. Another fact was that the invention was actually different. At the end of the day, Talbot’s invention was introduced in 1841.

About Diorama Theatre

Together with Charles Bouton, Daguerre tried to develop diorama theater. In 1822, they introduced what they found to the public. Later on, it was spread widely. Diorama became very popular as a medium.

Louis Daguerre was one of great inventors in the world. What he invented had made a change in the photography field as well as in the diorama theater. Thanks to Daguerre that people could enjoy the view of the past.



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